Quick Tips for Natural hair

Wash your hair

Dry hair does not need to be washed as often as greasy  hair, and this is all the more so if it is frizzy because it will dirty less quickly. Its elliptical shape prevents the dirt from hanging there. So listen to your hair and only wash them if necessary! To do this, use the Low Poo method (low frequency of use of a shampoo, for example: once a month) and bet on an alcohol-free, silicone-free shampoo (sodium laureth and lauryl sulfates). Nutritive action.


Untangle your hair

For this step, two instruments: a comb with large teeth (or a suitable brush) and your fingers. Rule among the rules: NEVER handle your hair dry, to avoid breakage. Everyday, comb your hair wet with your fingers. As for actually combing them: the specialized forums advise a disentanglement wick per strand, during the weekly break of the conditioner. No more no less.


At bedtime

Protect your hair hydrated and if possible To go to sleep. Note that cotton absorbs moisturizing elements and could make your hair even drier. As for the synthetic fabrics, they promote an excess of perspiration and thus of loss of water. But what to sleep on, then? It is here that the element ‘luxury’ appears: silk is indeed the privileged fabric of the nappies (scarf, pillowcase) …

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